OrderMade insoles Mail Order

You can order

“custom made insoles”

on the net.

  • Many Japanese athletes who do not live in Tokyo use this service.
  • It became possible to make “Feetech®︎ custom-order insole” with mail orders.
  • Just by sending “Foot Movie” and “Dedicated foot pad” according to the guidance.
  • We will make insoles suitable for the movement of the foot and deliver it to your home.

Some athletes who make insoles with FootTrainers keep their “3D Foot print”to send insoles to expeditoin sites.

How to Order

The “Foot Impression Form Box” will arrive at your address.

Follow the video guidance and take your foot shape.①

Shoot 5photos and 2videos as guidance,

Please send by e-mail or SNS to Foot Trainers.

Remove 1 pair of insole originally in the shoe. ②

Please send ① and ② to FootTrainers by EMS etc.

( Please bear the carriage by the customer  )

Usually arrives within 10days.

Please put the insoles in your shoes or boots.



OrderMadeInsoles Made in JAPAN

Size 17cm~28cm Weight 1Pr about 90g(size S 23.5cm)

4-layer structure Toe thickness about 4mm